USS Emissary
The USS Emissary exploring deep space
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"Space....the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Emissary. Her continuing mission, to advance knowledge.... to discover new cultures....and to serve as a valiant beacon for peace and equity in all her encounters."


The USS Emissary is one of the first vessels of the Nebula class to be reintroduced into active service. The mission of the starship Emissary is to carry out all manner of diplomatic contacts; including ferrying ambassadors and dignitaries, hosting conferences, establishing first contact with newly warp capable species, and resolving disputes between foreign agencies. It is also tasked with forwarding research, especially in the area of social sciences. It is an experimental vessel, with specific modifications to better prepare it for diplomatic duty. These include the largest holodeck network on any serving vessel, refits of diplomatic level visitor quarters, and 4 decks exclusively reserved for non Class M environments. The crew complement also reflects the universal diplomatic mission of the vessel; as 30 percent of her crew are non humanoid and/or non oxygen/nitrogen breathing sentients. In order to permit better and more integrated activities between a crew this diverse, all decks are accessible to all crew members via variable atmospheric corridors, service areas, and holographic interfaces.


Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards – Mars

Type: Nebula Class Vessel

Accommodation: 750 crew; 600 visiting personnel; 9,800 personnel evacuation limit;

Four decks configured for non humanoid environmental habitation. All decks configured with variable environment access tubes and/or holographic interface stations for non-humanoid crew members or visitors.

Power Plant: One 1,500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles, one impulse system

Dimensions: Length: 442.23 meters – Beam: 318.11 meters – Height: 130.43 meters

Mass: 3,309,000 metric tons

Performance: Warp 9.85 for 12 hours (STD); Warp 9.97 for 12 hours (UPRTD)

Armament: Four type XI phaser emitters; Two Mark XI Quantum Torpedo Launchers

Refit Priorities:

  • Replace existing Warp Core and Impulse Drive with Mark XI variants
  • Reallocate Deck 4 AFT to accomodate two deck, multi section holodeck platforms
  • Refit with bio-neural cicuitry
  • Replace all visitor quarters with diplomatic modules
  • Reconfigure Deck 14 for additional social science laboratories
  • Replace existing mission pod with Mark XI Sensor and Communication Arrays.
  • Reconfigure at least one station for every duty platform (e.g. Bridge, Sickbay, etc) with multi-environment access and/or universal holographic interface.

USS Emissary in Earth Orbit


USS Emissary in Spacedock - Port Lateral Aft View


USS Emissary at Utopia Planitia Shipyard - Mars


USS Emissary in the Rolor Nebula - Forward Dorsal View


USS Emissary in deep space


USS Emissary Surveying the rings of Beta Kavix V


When viewed dorsally, the design of The Emissary is similar to the Vulcan Iconography of the IDIC Concept.

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