Margaret Thorne
Full Name Margaret Amanda Thorne
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Commander
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Swiftsure
Player Pi-3Orionis

Margaret Thorne is a Commander in Starfleet and First Officer of the Robert Fulton, under Captain Kah'ron. She is also the daughter of the mercenary/pirate captain and former Maquis fighter Randal Thorne. Desiring a path away from life as an outlaw, Margaret estranged herself from her father to join Federation society.

In spite of her informal upbringing, Margaret learned a fair bit about starship engineering from her father and his comrades. She was able to get jobs at private civilian engineering firms but the cloud of her father's reputation kept her career from advancing.

Desiring a chance to prove herself without prejudice, Margaret Thorne sought to apply to Starfleet. She excelled at applied warp theory; while her first assignment was as a reactor technician on Starbase 24, she would be reassigned after a year as a research assisstant on the Discovery-class warp foil project.

After the design phase of the Discovery project was completed, Thorne was assigned to the USS Sokar, where she was eventually promoted to Chief Engineer.

Thorne distinguished herself on the Sokar while it was operating in Romulan space during the Klingon incursions. In order to draw Klingons away from vulnerable refugee transports, Thorne proposed a plan to recalibrate the Sokar's warp field and apply a family "trade secret" to amplify and alter the ship's warp signature, making it appear on long range sensors as a damaged Romulan Warbird.

Although successful in drawing the Klingons off, the Sokar suffered massive damage before additional Starfleet vessels could join the fight. The ship ultimately had to be decommissioned. Thorne's captain put her in for a commendation, however, and encouraged her onto the command track as a result of her clever and brave actions.

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