The Hexigon Action


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  • 2 (Part II)

Writer & Director


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The Alpha Centauri Institute

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88061.41 - 88088.81
(June 16-26, 2410)

Preceded by

A Time and a Place

Followed by

Admission of Guilt



Task Force Fontana was created some time ago by then Lt. Syrlia Shenn and later transferred to command of Dr. Mitchell Race III when Shenn transferred to ACI. Eventually the fleet was absorbed by Starfleet Intelligence Research and put under command of Commodore Mitchell Race II (Dr. Race's father). Dr. Race soon transfers to ACI to become the Chief of Forensic Pathology on the USS Adama under Dr. Felth. TFF is mostly a front lines fleet for the Klingon War with only 3 science ships in a fleet of 23 as of the time of the Jarvik incident, one of them being the USS Jarvik itself. At some unknown point Fontana became involved in a classified project known as The Hexagon Project.


The USS Jarvik is heading home from the Klingon front in the Donatu sector where it was running medical supplies. It is escorted by the USS Agincourt and the USS Sardoc, two Shi'kar and Akira class vessels respectively. Suddenly the Sardoc is destroyed seemingly from within. The explosion heavily damages the Jarvik which sends out a distress signal but is itself destroyed shortly thereafter. The fate of the Agincourt at this point is unknown.

After receiving the distress signal several ACI members go to work looking to solve the mystery and help out their allied fleet. Sanek, Dell Stolliker, Sarim, Jessica Richards, and then ACI ally John McHale begin the work of looking into the Jarvik, TFF, and anything they can find. It doesn't take long to notice that the Agincourt is listed MIA and no evidence of it being destroyed exists. It is agreed that the Agincourt is one key to the mystery and may have captured by hostile forces, with the Klingons and Romulans the leading suspects. Information from Starfleet is scant at best and it seems Starfleet Intelligence wants to keep a tight lid on the situation. Shortly afterward a Captain Grom, supposedly from SFI begins investigating the Jarvik incident.

While searching for information Captain Sanek uncovers evidence that his ship and several others in the ACI have been probed for information by an unknown Starfleet signal. It doesn't take long for the ACI to realize that Section 31 is involved. After word of Grom asking a lot of questions about Task Force Fontana circulates, and he is involved in a particularly strange incident on Earth Spacedock, suspicion rises that he is with Section 31 and not SFI.

Soon, several Vulcans appear on Starbase 39 asking questions. When a group of SFI people from ACI confront them thinking they might be Romulans in the Tal Shiar, they are told the Jarvik was attacked by the Dominion but the evidence to support this claim is lacking.

Eventually a signal from the Agincourt is located and traced to an old repair station halfway between Earth and its moon. John McHale, currently commanding the USS Arthur C. Clarke goes there and meets with Dr. Felth and Admiral Shilara (who is there on behalf of Captain Telev). They find the ship and beam aboard to Lt. S'kel Beckwith and a small engineering investigation crew that came aboard after the Agincourt appeared near Earth. Study of the ship and its systems shows many components have been torn out including several consoles and the main warp systems. The logs are also encrypted with a virus that erases them as they attempt to access them. John has them turned over to his first officer, Christine April, who uses a nanomachine decryption protocol to access the logs and learn that the Agincourt was a test bed for The Hexagon Temporal Engine and that the ship's first officer had been working with Grom. The ship's Captain had tried to stop the project but was removed from command on Grom's orders. Finally possessing evidence to connect Grom to the Jarvik disaster, the ACI began searching for him but were suddenly confronted with several suspicious deaths.

First an engineer named Lawrence Reiser, who had worked on the Hexagon Project, is found dead. Later, a Trill woman named Drenna Kex who bears a striking resemblance to Syrlia Shenn, was beamed against her will to the USS McKellar, which was undergoing a Baryon sweep at the time. She did not survive. Shortly after, it was learned that Shenn was hidden for her own safety on the USS Diane under command of Rear Admiral Cara McFerran, the ACI Vice President at the time. Finally in what appeared to be a holodeck safety malfunction, Commodore Mitchell Race II is gunned down in a program he was running.

As Task Force Fontana members are being eliminated the ACI team quickens its pace to find Grom and evidence they can use against him. The three "Vulcans" from earlier, now known as Tal Shiar agents working in concert with Grom, attack the Fontana offices on ESD and lay waste to them, crippling the organization. One is caught by Dr. Felth and his wife Allahweh but doesn't give much information. Soon Grom, posing as a man named Morg kidnaps Dr. Race who is drowning his sorrows about his dead father at a bar on the lower levels of Starbase 39. His wife Amanda Race shows up looking for Mitchel and had it not been for the intervention of some ACI officers she would have been Grom's next target. With that and a bug placed by Juan Cabrillo in a booth Grom used, the ACI now have enough evidence to use against Grom and begin setting a trap for him.

Sometime around then, Syrlia has Dell look into unauthorized modifications to her ship, the USS Berkshire. Dell's investigations find a strange system in place in Engineering complete with odd hexagonal shaped warp coils. It would appear the team has found the missing Hexagon Temporal Engine, previously removed from the Agincourt.

Setting up an elaborate trap including transport inhibitors and a team watching Grom's ship, the Fleet uses a meeting with Allahweh to lure him into the open and spring a trap. Grom activates a suicide capsule of some type in his teeth that begins to kill him, but is stopped by Dr. Felth so that Grom can tell them where Dr. Race is. He won't comply but John and Telev work together to discover his fake teeth conceal a transmitter pointing to Memory Alpha. The team rushes there to find the mutilated Dr. Race tied up to a terminal with a Red Matter Bomb strapped to his chest. At this point the captured Tal Shiar agent starts talking when he learns he may also have a similar device implanted on him, giving more evidence and some help in defusing it. Telev and Dr. Felth create a hologram to transfer the bomb to whilst freeing Dr. Race and sending him to Adama's sick bay. The bomb does not go off and Memory Alpha and countless lives are saved.


Grom is arrested and his efforts to kill himself are foiled by Dr. Felth. A hearing is held and several members of the team that captured him testify. Grom is convicted and sentences to life imprisonment for murder and plotting to overthrow the Federation civilian government. It is revealed that he was the head of Section 31 and without him the group splinters. Some pieces still exist, most prominently one run by Franklin Drake, who continues to trouble for Starfleet.

The Red Matter Devices are confiscated and put under extreme lock and key by Starfleet to prevent them from being used.

Dr. Race goes under intense reconstructive surgery to heal himself, but his emotional and psychological therapy take a long time, and the trauma causes a relapse in his chronic alcoholism.

The Hexagon Temporal Engine is studied by John and Dell, assisted by Telev. It is discovered that the device is designed to find a temporal twin to the ship in which it is installed and to pull that twin through a temporary portal to increase numbers in a fight.

Such a morally questionable technology is decreed to dangerous to exist and the device is dismantled. However, some pieces of it are kept in Dell Stolliker's possesion and he, Telev, John, and then new ACI member Mara Tel begin work on a project Dell calls the Temporal Sensor Array which can make use of some of Hexagon's components. Said project was later finished but ultimately shelved indefinitely due to the moral ambiguity surrounding its operation.

Task Force Fontana goes under a long term reconstruction, having lost most of its command staff and officers. Much later after the events of the story TFF is assigned to border patrol on the edge of Borg Space. Syrlia Shenn and Cara McFerran are reassigned from the ACI to TFF. As of today both Cara and Syrlia Shenn-McFerran each command a third of Task Force Fontana. They maintain loose ties to ACI and the recently restructured 16th Mobile Fleet, of which Fleet Admiral Allahweh Felth had been put in charge.


((OOC Content follows))

The Hexagon Action is an ACI Roleplay story that served as both the first season finale and the second season premiere. Like most ACI episode prior it was written and directed by then ACI Provost MJRigg known best for his roles as Syrlia Shenn (later Sylria Shenn-McFerran), Dr. Mitchel Race, Dr. Nyssa (later Dr. Nyssa Lulen and then Dr. Nyssa Lulen-Caedus).

Set less than a month after A Time and a Place while the fleet enjoyed a period of calm, the episode began on the ACI Forums as an FRP (Forum Role Play) with various members tried to piece together the puzzle of the Jarvik mystery. They were treated with bits about Grom's work to silence Fontana members, current and former before the cliffhanger that had Dr. Race's father, the leader of TFF murdered. From there the episode progressed to the in-game stage where events were played out with MJRigg performing various character roles including Lt. S'kel Beckwith, Kavim Sarn, and a Romulan Lt.

The episode culminated in a final standoff again Grom that led members of ACI across space to save Dr. Race and Memory Alpha itself. This episode featured or introduced several recurring ACI characters, including Telev who made his first appearance, and John McHale who helped the ACI in "A Time and a Place" and ultimately joined the ACI officially after the events of this story.

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