Full Name Sanek
Gender Male
Race Vulcan
Class Science Officer, Astrophysics
Rank Read Admiral, Upper (3)
Fleet Rank Fleet Captain
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS James E. McDonald
Player Cerebus06

Brief InformationEdit

Fleet Captain Sanek is a Vulcan who has dedicated his life to the pursuit and study of cosmic science. Through a series of assignments in Starfleet as executive and chief Science Officers aboard deep space research vessels, he has distinguished himself so that his desire to command a science vessel of his own was realized in on Stardate 87026.84 when he was given command of a vessel he had previously served on, the USS Nautilus. From that date forward, his forays into deep space have progressed deeper into unknown regions of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, studying unknown subspace and cosmic phenomenon.


Sanek is the quintessential Vulcan. He is completely and wholly logical, and keeps to his rigid discipline in logic at all times. Supremely analytical, he is quick to make decisions and pursues any logical solution to a problem immediately and without recourse. His chief loyalties could be said to lay with science; however he does have a strong sense of duty to the ACI and to Starfleet.

He does, however, have somewhat of a streak of rebellion in him at times. It is due in most part to the exposure to many other cultures and races, but it's seeds began in Sanek's early life with comments made by his father (which Sanek though wholly illogical at the time). It is this rebellious nature which makes him consider other alternatives upon occasion, and is in no small part also one primary reason for his relationship with Solida T'yra, his Chief Medical Officer.

Family InformationEdit

Sanek with Mother

Sanek with his mother at age 11.

Sanek was raised predominantly by his mother. His father was a Starfleet Science Officer, and as such was away from Vulcan for great lengths of time during Sanek's formative and teenage years.


  • Saeran
    A career Starfleet Science Officer who chose Starfleet over a Vulcan Science Academy position.
    • Current Status: Deceased (February, 2409. Acute diagnosis of Choriocytosis)


  • T'laris
    A highly educated and gifted scientist with a posting at the Vulcan Science Academy. Achieved the Kolinahr early in life prior to marriage to Sanek's father.
    • Current Status: Deceased (January, 2410. Late onset of acute Tuvan Syndrome)

Other Family MembersEdit

  • Selov
    Sanek's Uncle - his mother's older brother (by six years). A career diplomat. Sanek has had little contact with Selov since his childhood.
    • Current Status: Living (63 years of age, lives on Vulcan in the capital city Shi'Kahr)

Brief BiographyEdit

Childhood and Early Life (2361 - 2394)Edit

Sanek was born to Vulcan parents on the Vulcan homeworld during the winter of Federation year 2361. His parents followed typical Vulcan heritage and raised their son traditionally Vulcan, studying science, pure logic and mathematics from an early age. As Sanek's father was a Science Officer in Starfleet, much of Sanek's youth was governed by his mother... an accomplished Vulcan woman in her own right who not only was a member of the Vulcan Science Academy, but had also attained the Kolinahr some years before Sanek's birth. During his early years, Sanek showed an aptitude for space sciences as well as biological sciences, and distinguished himself early with high marks.

When Sanek was twenty years old, his father further distinguished the family by being assigned to the newly commissioned U.S.S. Stargazer as a Science Officer. This duty, however, led him to be away from Vulcan for even longer periods of time. Sanek's mother meanwhile had further duties with her Academy assignment, and as such Sanek was forced to learn to be self reliant early in his life.

Sanek with Spock

Sanek at age 27 with his parents and Ambassador Spock.

As Sanek continued to grow and study, he became captivated by the stars and space exploration and resolved to follow in his fathers footsteps and enlist with Starfleet when he graduated and came of age. He acknowledged to himself that this was also partly due to his admiration of Ambassador Spock, whom Sanek had met once early in 2387 when he was twenty-seven years old. Ambassador Spock was on Vulcan at the time with the appeal for the Vulcan Science Academy to assist with his plan to develop a solution to the Hobus supernova, and his mother arranged a meeting. It was shortly after this that the Hobus star went supernova and Ambassador Spock was lost - and for the first time young Sanek had to deal with strong emotional outbreaks of grief that threatened to overcome his training in logic. His father's ship was sent to assist the Romulan survivors and to help with colonization and was gone on this mission for the next two years.

Despite the turmoil the Hobus supernova caused the Federation and all the rest of known space, the remaining years of Sanek's life leading to his academic graduation were relatively quiet. He excelled at mathematics, astrogation and astrophysics, and he continued his study of biology and exo-biology. He kept updated on the Romulan situation, in part due to his father's involvement but also due to the fact that he, like many Vulcans, felt a kinship with the Romulans. He graduated in 2394, and immediately applied to Starfleet and was accepted. His journey to Earth was interesting to Sanek as it was the first time he'd experienced space travel... and he knew without a doubt that he had chosen the correct path for his future.

Starfleet Academy (2394 - 2398)Edit

The next four years of Sanek's life were spent in deep study and application of his education in preparation for his career in Starfleet. He spent much of his free time in study of further science subjects, and any elective classes he was able to schedule for himself always revolved around science subjects. During the last year of his Academy program he undertook the Kobayashi Maru exam. During the exam he attempted a rather unique solution by penetrating the Neutral Zone at maximum impulse power, and then boosting the ship's power arrays so that a tractor beam could lock on to the Kobayashi Maru at extreme range. He then attempted to warp out of the Neutral Zone... but resultant attacks by Klingon warships had damaged the ship badly enough that warp speed was no longer possible unless the tractor beam was disabled. Rather than leave the Kobayashi Maru to it's fate, Sanek turned and chose to attempt to give the Kobayashi Maru time to fix it's engines as he fought the Klingons. The end result was typical.

Cadet Assignments (2398 - 2403)Edit

Sanek graduated from the academic portion of Stafleet Academy soon afterwards with distinctive marks in Science. Shortly afterward, Sanek received his first assignment aboard a ship, the U.S.S. Grayling, a Shikahr light cruiser assigned to the Delta Volanis Cluster in 2398. As the ship's Cadet Science Officer he was responsible for mapping and studying anomalous spacial readings and gravitonic fluctuations. He performed excellently, and continued aboard the Grayling as Science Officer for a second Cadet term. His work allowed him to be transferred to Galactic Exploration Command in 2401 aboard the U.S.S. Rhode Island. This assignment was a year long voyage into deep space along the Hromi Cluster for exploration and science research. Sanek further distinguished himself during this assignment, and as such on the return to Earth he was assigned to the U.S.S. Nautilus as the head Science Officer on it's continued exploration of the Delta Volanis Cluster.

It was during this assignment that Sanek met his first obstruction to his career path. The ship's captain, an Andorian named Tylaris, apparently came from a background that continued to harbor resentment against Vulcans - despite almost two hundred years of peace between the two races. Sanek's assignment as Cadet Science Officer rankled the Captain... and he made it well known that he had protested the assignment once Sanek assumed his duties. Continual harrassment and a refusal to be baited by the Captain simply further angered Tylaris as the mission wore on. This eventually resulted in Sanek disobeying a direct contradictory order during a crisis involving a collapsing singularity deep in the Cluster that, Sanek felt, threatened the safety of the ship and it's crew. Believing in the sanctity of command and it's logical design, Sanek refused appeal when relieved of duty and spent the return to Earth confined to quarters.

Sanek as Professor

Sanek teaching Astrophysics at Starfleet Academy.

Astrophysics Professor (2403 - 2404)Edit

The resultant inquiry found Sanek absolved of guit, and resulted in Captain Tylaris being re-assigned elsewhere due to a ruling that his personal prejudices resulted in an inability to objectively command. However, due to the situation Sanek was forced to spend the year 2403 as an associate professor of astrophysics at Starfleet Academy. This allowed Sanek the opportunity to continue graduate courses in other programs, and he progressed his command subjects with a desire to eventually command a starship of his own.

Return to Space (2404 - 2407)Edit

With his cadet class of 2404 having an average grade higher than average, it paved the way for Sanek to once again be bound for the stars... and after a few inquiries Sanek was once again assigned to the U.S.S. Grayling, this time as Chief Science Officer. For the next three years Sanek served with distinction as the vessel continued to explore the Arucanis Arm and Hromi Cluster. During his assignment he continued to progress with command classes, and finally completed the academic portion of command late in the year 2407. Shortly afterward, his third year with the Grayling was completed, and Sanek went back to Vulcan for a short time to visit with his mother and father, who was home on leave due to contracting Choriocytosis.

Upon his return to Earth, Starfleet reviewed his past accomplishments and Academy academic dinstinctions, and granted him his first Cadet command... ironically, the very ship from which he was relived of duty: the U.S.S. Nautilus. His orders were to patrol the Sirius and Regulus Sectors and assist Starfleet wherever there was need, and to continue scientific research and exploration where ordered in the Delta Volanis Cluster and Arucanis Arm. His conduct would be evaluated at the end of a year of service, to convene at years end, 2408.

His First Command - USS Nautilus (2407 - 2408)Edit

Sanek commanded the Nautilus for the next twelve months, through several exploration assignments and a few diplomatic assignments. The Khitomer Accords, having long been discarded by the Klingons, were broken... and despite not being a combat vessel Sanek was called upon several times to assist with the continuing threat of war with the Klingons and the Gorn. This resulted in Sanek's first brush with combat, with occasional small ship to ship engagements that Sanek handled extremely well. His first true battle situation occurred at Starbase 24 during a Klingon attack of the base, during which again the Nautilus performed excellently, but damage to the ship resulted in several crew member lives lost and many wounded.

Near the end of the year, Sanek brought the Nautilus back to Earth and spacedock for a repair and refit. His past year's experience was intensely scrutinized by Starfleet, and his actions were found to be in keeping with the best Starfleet traditions, with exemplary conduct by himself and his crew under occasionally difficult situations. Sanek was given a leave, which he spent again on Vulcan with his mother as his father had died due to complications of Choriocytosis during his twelve month voyage. Sanek's father had transferred his katra to his wife prior to his death, and the rare occurrence of this procedure caused Sanek to spent a bit longer on Vulcan than was originally planned to assist his mother with the after affects of the transfer.

Deep Space Research Begins (2408 - 2409)Edit

Finally, in early 2409, Sanek returned to Earth and Starfleet. He was granted full command status, and given command of the newly commissioned starship U.S.S. Yukon, an Aurora class research vessel. In preparation of his new command he was given preference as to his command and bridge officer selection, and he elected to have transferred several officers with whom he served aboard the Nautilus. At the age of 49, Sanek had finally realized his desire to command a starship and fulfill a science and research commission in Starfleet.

Hobbies / InterestsEdit

Sanek has a keen interest in science. This is of course his chosen profession and career, but for him it is also such a deep interest that he spends considerable amounts of time in the study of science. When not studying science, he has an interest in music, and can play the Vulcan lyre. He also has a keen interest in the game kal-toh. Sanek studied the Vulcan martial art ponn-ifla during his middle years - a defensive style that uses the opponent's attacks against him.

Academic History and DistinctionsEdit

Prior to his entering Starfleet at the age of 33, Sanek spent much time in deep study of space sciences, as well as elective courses in Zoology and Exobiology. His years in the Academy honed his academic skills, and it was there that he achieved his doctorate degrees in Astrophysics and Stellar Physics. His full list of academic degrees is as follows:

Doctorate Degrees Edit

Stellar Physics

Master's Degrees (of Science) Edit

Warp Theory

Additional Academic Distinctions Edit

Stellar Cartography
Quantum Mechanics
Probability Mechanics

Service RecordEdit

Grayling leaving Sol

The USS Grayling leaving Sol on Sanek's first Cadet cruise.

  • USS Grayling (Shikhar class light cruiser - NCC-90024)
    Assigned to the Delta Volanis Cluster in 2398. As the ship's Cadet Science Officer he was responsible for mapping and studying anomalous spacial readings and gravitonic fluctuations. Performance was graded as exemplary.
  • USS Rhode Island (Shikhar class light cruiser - NCC-90242)
    A year long voyage into deep space along the Hromi Cluster for exploration and science research. Sanek further exemplified his academics during this voyage by discovering subspace phenomenon that had been missed by prior science teams.
  • USS Nautilus (Miranda class light science cruiser - NCC-91910)
    Assigned as head Science Officer on it's continued exploration of the Delta Volanis Cluster. Encountered antagonism and hostility by the Captain, which culminated in Sanek's dismissal of his position pursuant to a hearing - upon which he was exonerated.
Nautilus on patrol

USS Nautilus leaving Sol under Sanek's command.

  • USS Grayling (Shikhar class light cruiser - NCC-90024)
    Served for three years as Chief Science Officer. Continued exploring the Arucanis Arm and Hromi Cluster. Continued progression with command classes, and completed academic portion of command school.
  • USS Nautilus (Miranda class light science cruiser - NCC-91910)
    Served for one year as Captain of the vessel. Scientific research and exploration along the Sirius and Regulus sectors, along with action along the Klingon front. Service proved Sanek capable of command excellence, and as a result of this cadet assignment he was awarded Command in 2408.

Starship Commands:Edit

USSJames McDonald

The USS James E. McDonald in deep space.

Below is a listing of the various commands that Sanek has held throughout his career as a Science officer under the deep space research program.

USS Nautilus (NCC-91910) : Miranda class Light Science Cruiser (note: This is an actual canon Star Trek vessel. It's real registration is NCC-31910)
USS Yukon (NCC-93472) : Aurora class Science Vessel
USS Archimedes (NCC-94212) : Modified Hope class Research Vessel
USS Alan Shepard (NCC-551962) : Discovery class Long Range Science Vessel
USS James E. McDonald (NX-571920) : Nimbus class Deep Space Science Vessel (experimental)

Temporary Assignments:Edit

USSRandall Shughart

The USS Randall D. Shughart leaving Vulcan.

USS Jon R. Cavaini (NCC-641971) : Sovereign class Assault Cruiser
USS Randall D. Shughart (NCC-100393) : Excelsior class Advanced Heavy Cruiser (retrofit)
USS Phillip C. Harris (NX-292010) : Modified Avenger class Star Cruiser

Personal AssignmentsEdit

USS Kharivor (NCC-954786) : Sanek's personal Runabout

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