M'Kesonta S'rrel
Full Name M'Kesonta M'itta S'rrel
Gender Female
Race Caitian
Class Diplomat
Rank Consul
Fleet Rank ACI Lieutenant
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Argus
Player Brahman1453



LAST NAME: M'Kesonta


SPECIES: Caitian

HOMEWORLD: Ferasa (a.k.a. "Cait")

GENDER: Female




  • Bachelor's in Diplomatic Affairs, First in Class, Ferasa Diplomatic Academy, May 2395.
  • Fellow, Institute of External Affairs, 2395 to 2397.
  • Master's in Diplomatic Affairs, Ferasa Diplomatic Academy, May 2397.
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Diplomatic Studies - Focus on Interspecies Relations, Ferasa Diplomatic Academy, May 2401.


  • Student at the Ferasa Diplomatic Academy from August 2391 to May 2401; Final Degree received was Ph.D.
  • Fellow, Institute of External Affairs, Ferasa, May 2395 to May 2397.
  • Junior Attache from Ferasa to the United Federation of Planets, June 2401 to July 2403.
  • Attache from Ferasa to the United Federation of Planets, July 2403 to March 2407.
  • Consul from Ferasa to the United Federation of Planets, March 2407 to Present.


M'Kesonta was born in 2373 on the planet of Ferasa (known as "Cait" by those outside of the planet), in the 15 Lyncis Star System. After her completion of her secondary education, she made the decision to attend the Ferasa Diplomatic Academy, where she studied from August of 2391 until the receipt of her doctoral degree in diplomatic affairs in May of 2401 at the age of 27. While studying at the Academy, she worked very closely with junior diplomats and had the good-fortune of receiving a fellowship at the Institute of External Affairs, where she got to, on several occasions, serve on missions to various worlds within the United Federation of Planets.

Upon her final graduation in 2401, she considered entry into Star Fleet as a diplomatic officer, but eventually decided against desiring full-time service on a star ship. Instead, she decided to tender an application into the Federation's Diplomatic Corps, and in June of 2401 was made the Junior Attache from Ferasa. She eventually was promoted to the actual posting of Attache in 2403 and now, as of March 2407, she serves as the Consul from her home world.

Although she can maintain a professional demeanor when necessary, most of the time M'Kesonta is laid back and very informal; thus, she is easy for almost anyone to approach, even those she does not know very well. It was perhaps this lack of formality that made her choose a career path with the Diplomatic Corps rather than with Star Fleet proper - after all, she is easy to speak to, takes the time to listen to those who approach her, is very open and understanding, and is willing to consider the needs of all parties involved in any diplomatic engagement. Rather than focus solely on career advancement and the attainment of various titles, she would much rather those she deals with be happy and satisfied, thus making her career meaningful.

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