Last Name:n/a
First Name:S'Rei
Middle Initial:n/a
Home World: USS Awa
Profession: Combat Engineer
Character Rank: Lt. Cmdr.
Academic History and Distinctions:
Starship Class:Miranda
Starship Registry:NCC-92961

Brief Biography:
S'Rei was born aboard the USS Awa to R'Rarull and Kajeet. Both his parents were Starfleet officers, and as a result most of his childhood was spent aboard ships and stations, under artifical gravity. This is belived to be the cause of his "Gravity Sickness", a condition that no doctor has yet been able to explain, but thankfully is treatable by the same means as Space Sickness. The main difference being that he suffers from it when under natural gravity, making planetary missions an unpleasnt part of his life. As a child S'Rei always knew what he wanted to when he grew up-follow in his parents footsteaps and join Starfleet. Even as a child S'Rei was always asking question about how the varius systems aboard his home worked, and what they were for. He was also the hide&seek champion amongst the children on just about every ship and station his parents served on due to his inncesant need to explore every nook and crany of the ship or station he could access. On his 18th birthday S'Rei enrolled in the Accademy, getting ride aboard the USS Dauntless, the ship his parents were currently assigned too. Along with the ride he recived the well wishes of the entire crew, all 1200 hundered of them, a process which took the better part of a day.

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