Full Name Relay
Gender Female
Race Android
Class Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Rank Candidate-Associate
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Jefferson
Player PFCDoofles

First Name: Relay
Last Name: N/A
Species: Positronic Android
Age: 17
Gender: self assigned Female
Home World: Kereti IV
Profession: Starfleet Cadet
Character Rank : Sophomore Cadet
Academic History and Distinctions: 2 years Starfleet academy
Service Record: Second year cadet. Designated marksman. Member in good standing of numerous extracurricular activities: Fencing club. Chess Club. Archery Club.

Brief Biography:

Relay is a second year Starfleet cadet in the sciences track. She is highly capable and scores the highest marks in all of her exams, as is par for the course for artificial life forms such as she.
Eighteen years ago, a starfleet away team encountered Relay on an abandoned asteroid facility in the Kereti system. The facility was some sort of shadowy robotics lab. Much of the technology there was scrounged, or stolen. At the center of the facility they found a partially assembled android chassis of a very advanced design.
After six months of study, the science team assigned to the facility determined that the android, known as Relay, was extrapolated from a design stolen from the young doctor Noonien Soong sometime in the 2330's. Clearly a precursor design to designs of Androids like Data or even his less advanced B-4, it was inherently flawed. There had been evidence of nearly a decade of trial and error research to resolve these issues, and Relay was to be their final attempt. A residual trace of radiation suggested that there had been a high intensity radiation burst some decades ago, vaporizing all organic material almost instantly. No apparent cause was found, though theories ranged from accident to sabotage.
With permission from starfleet, Relay was activated in 2390. The flaws in her positronic matrix had not been resolved by the time of the incident which removed all life from the station, and she functioned only for a short time before having to be deactivated once more. However, with the help of the Daystrom institute, and diagnostics provided by Captain Data, Relay was brought online permanently in 2392.
Relay's design is not as advanced as Data's, and though she shares many design sensibilities, as well as some elements outright stolen from Soong's designs and some grafted on by scientists in the Daystrom institute, she is not considered a Soong Type android by those knowledgeable in the subject. While able to process information faster than any human, her capabilities pale in comparison to a Soong Type android. Fragmentation errors cause her to make flawed logical decisions, not unlike a human being of the same age.

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