Nineteen of Twenty-One
Full Name Nineteen of Twenty-One
Gender Male
Race Liberated Borg Human
Class Science Officer
Rank Captain
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Clee-San-C
Player j99450

LCARS ProfileEdit

Name: Nineteen of Twenty-One

Orignal Name: Jaidan Wu(No longer used, or recognised)

Age: 19

Race: Human(Liberated)

Assimilated: 2407

Liberated: 2409


2390-Born in Northern Maine, Earth

2304-Filed for and granted emanipation from birth parents

2306-Earned private pilots license for civilian warp-capable craft

2307-Vanished en-route to Starbase 47 from Earth, delclared missing, presumed dead after searchs found no evidence of shuttle two weeks later

2309-Found and rescued from Borg Vessel by USS Bushido, applied and entered Starfleet Accademy with recomendations from Commander Sarim, CO USS Bushido, and Lt.Cmdr. K'Ahlyer CMO USS Bushido

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