Last Name: Navan

First Name: Saelanna
Middle Initial: N/A
Species: Vulcan/Trill Hybrid
Age: 58 Earth Years
Gender: Female
Home World: Vulcan
Profession: Medical Doctor specialising in xenopathology and nanotechnology. She has several degrees in these fields.
Character Rank: Commander

Academic History and Distinctions: Graduated with a distinction in Xenopathology from the Vulcan Science Academy, she spent 20 years conducting research there before moving to Earth to go through Starfleet Academy, feeling that this would give her the opportunity to study diseases in the field. Her father's recent diagnosis with Bendii Syndrome has led Saelanna to look at nanotechnology and the use of nanites to enhance neural transmission in chronic and/or incurable neural disorders.

Service Record: After graduating from the academy Saelanna served on both the USS Kent and the USS Byron as the Chief Medical Officer. She is currently the commanding officer of the USS Enedwaith, an Intrepid class long range science vessel.

Starship Class: Long Range Science Vessel Starship Registry: NCC-93741-A

Brief Biography: Half Vulcan and half Trill, Saelanna's mother was an attache to the Trill ambassador to Vulcan, she ended up marrying her liaison from the Vulcan High Command. Saelanna is the oldest of their three children. Raised on Vulcan, Saelanna has a cool and logical manner, although she is not as aloof as most Vulcans and she may even smile at you once she gets to know you.

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