Declassified information from StarfleetEdit

Mel is a G-type main sequence star located in an undisclosed location beyond the Eridan Belt. It currently has three planets, Mel I-III, though at some time in the past it had a total of eight.

The whole star system is surrounded by an antimatter-lined cloaking field, rendering it almost impossible to detect and to traverse. We owe Mel's discovery to the fact that the USS Intrepid Explorer accidentally managed to warp inside the field.

The second planet, Mel II, is the only inhabited planet in the system. It is an Earth-like planet, with a Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere much like Earth's, and approximately 35% emerged land mass. There are two ice-covered polar continents and two major temperate/equatorial continents. It is home to a diverse flora and fauna, and the system's only sentient species, the Melians.

Further information is not currently available.

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