Essan Loo
Full Name Essan Loo
Gender Male
Race Betazoid
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Commander
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Ship(s) USS Eglinton
Player cpldubriel

House Of Knowledge

Mintari Loo, daughter of Janaila Loo and heir to the family.

Mintari Loo renown botanical scientist was bound to Kesian Uhana a gifted gardener.

Mintari had 4 children, 3 sons and a daughter, her later children is equally gifted as her father in gardening and espacially among her telepathic abilities.

In Order of birth:

Mirad Loo is a striving artist enhensing any natural beauties he encounters within the garden with his music.

Essan Loo, has become a talented Engineer-Architect within the family farmlands and the multiple land of cultures. Unfortunatly his voyage to the Pazan mountains with her promised love Charizan has changed many of his career choices. And so enlisted in Starfleet for personnal reasons that stills remains secret to all except his love Charizan. Rumor is... that his haircut and tattoo is a reminder of those changes that occur within him.

Duyan Loo is the personnal Secretary of the Minister Benila Conse. The political life of the Conse family within the House of health has been a mutual benefit for the Loo familiy and the House of Knowledge.

Elia Loo, is the only daughter of Mintari, though the only Heir possible to the Loo Family. She is a outstanding gardener and telepath and was enlisted to the Betazed S.A.Institution for special trainning and guidance.

Essan Loo is a calm tempered man with a strong observation and analytical mind. Though his telepathic abilities were mostly absent for many years, they finally developped during his mid-twenties. Essan still has difficulties with these abilities even after ten years of learning to live with hearing thoughts, voices, sensing emotions, and that ever present white noise. Closing the channel, as he says, is something that he trains to do every morning with his meditation and inner capabilities. Mostly, this traning has given him a self control during his duty in Starfleet. But still, Essan strive to achieve a better control over these aspects of his life.

Essan was first admired within Starfleet threw his oustanding skills in major structures and light materials. Being part of Dr. Prockal's team and the succesful project R.A.S.(Reinforced Armor Structure), he was requested to work on the U.S.S Lavoisier, a Nebula Class Starship bound for explorations.

Upon completion of the vessel, he was immediately demanded to refit a late Excelsior Class Starship to a more modern technology level and modify the strutures for a implementation of RAS materials. The U.S.S Eglinton was a magnificent Spaceship due for complicated confrontations, withstand and respond to attacks.

During turmoils, in a certain period of times, the Eglinton was a flagship for the federation, and suceeded many feats and Essan could easily feel it's glory thru the corridors.

He developped a strong devotion to that ship, almost like a bond between betazoids and did'nt restrain his time and talent to refit the Ship to a more prestigious state, which he did remarkably. The brass commanding this unique ship, was Rear Admiral Chikoni. Unflatered by it's renown and glorious reputation, Andrew Chikoni, believed this ship to be old and handicaped... he commanded the ship for a short period of time before aplying for a desk job for political heroism.

The U.S.S Eglinton was then sent to the front lines of political stress... under the command of Admiral Carl Worthington.

Effectively, Admiral Worthington was a tactical specialist and would not lead a refit ship into... uncertain frontiers, without the man Responsible to all the changes aboard. Gladly, Essan accepted the job as Chief engineer aboard the U.S.S Eglinton requested by the Admiral.

It is during the faillure of politics and diplomacy engaged with the Klingon Empire that Essan Loo developped his leadership as a faithfull and resourceful engineer across the bridge.

During these tensed times, Essan accomplished more than his common duties as a chief engineer and his promotions gave him the command of the U.S.S Dublin. A Miranda Class vessel mainly for the purpose of escort, though, the war with the Klingons, required the U.S.S Dublin on some other fronts and duties. Essan managed very well his missions and surrounded himself with competent and talented officers that followed him undoughtly in every assigment and every command offered. Which in that order, his career commanding ships were :

U.S.S Dublin ( Miranda Class )

U.S.S Limerick ( Vesper Class )

U.S.S Galway ( Dakota Class )

U.S.S Kinsale ( Galaxy Class )

U.S.S Durrus ( Emissary Class )

U.S.S Ravernet ( Sovereign Class )

U.S.S Dunmurry ( Sol Class )

U.S.S Eglinton ( Excelsior Class )

When Admiral Carl Worthington retired of his excellent career. He had only one person in mind that could possibly command as efficient as he did the fine U.S.S Eglinton.

It is so, that pullings the needed strings of bureaucracy in favor of a certain, newly promoted officer, that Admiral Worthington personnaly and gladly offered the U.S.S Eglinton in command to Vice Admiral Essan Loo.

Between mountains of congratulations, beside the somptuous Betazoid Banquet, Essan finally thread his way on the bridge. Seating in his command chair, he punched a couple of keys on his right side panel. -Computer link me to a secure channel on Betazed, code Ty76dd.44B. The computer acquainted and complied with a safely tone : Channel secured and linked to Peace keeper Charizan Huty. Computer this is a sending message with no reply intended, close the channel after this message is sent :

My dear Imzadi, I have finally the Eglinton...