Gremlins was the name given by ACI members to a previously un-encountered race aliens, approximately 1 meter tall, that were discovered to be the source of an infestation aboard the USS Gantry in 2409.

The creatures infected the ship's personnel through bites. The transfer of saliva resulted in the victim's lapsing into a sub-catatonic state. While in said state, individuals were seen to go about their daily routines but were unresponsive outside stimuli or communication.

The name "gremlins" came about as a result of the aliens' resemblance to Earth legends of creatures who intentionally wreaked havoc on flying machines and their pilots in the mid-twentieth century. Telev also compared them to a Tellarite legend of the Cal-oo-sar, creatures of legend who blinded engineers to the flaws in their designs in order to cause catastrophic failures. (Episode: The Gremlins in the Grapes)

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