Account Creation InstructionsEdit

Please take note of the following when setting up on the ACI wiki:

  • When creating an account, please use your in-game @name or your ACI Forum login name. Why? Because we don't want just anyone poking and prodding around and messing pages up. Hence, any account the admin(s) can't readily identify will be blocked.
  • On your own user page (accessible through the link at the top right of the wiki, or via User:Yourusername in the search box), put whatever you like. An infobox listing your characters is a good idea (see User:Emberys for an example).

Quick HelpEdit

  • To add images to the wiki, either click any of the "Add image" buttons that appear when you create a new page, for instance, or use the "Upload a new photo" link below the main menu on the left-hand side.
  • When editing a page, you can do so in wysiwig mode (default) or, if you are familiar with MediaWiki syntax (as used, for example, on Wikipedia), click the "Source" button in the top right of the editing menu and fiddle with the source directly.
  • If you see a page with a feature you'd like on one of yours, you can always go into Edit mode and have a look at the source (see previous point) to see how it was done and/or copy out the parts you like.

Adding a New CharacterEdit

  • Create a new page using your in-game character name (the "short name"). Don't forget to add the page to the category "Personnel" and any other categories such as "Engineer", "Tactical Officer", "Science Officer", and for your Fleet Rank.
  • Edit the Source code of your page, and use the infobox character template. See other character pages for an example.
  • Save the page.
  • After saving, rename the page (use the "Move" function at the top) and rename the page to your character's Full Name, in the format Lastname, Firstname Middlename. If your character's full name is significantly different from their full name, add that in parentheses after the full name.

Why bother with creating the page under one name and then renaming it? Well this way, the wiki will "know" your character by both names, and the search box will let people find you using either.

Adding a Character PictureEdit

  • Upload a new image using the "Upload a New Photo" link in the main menu. Make a note of the file name you gave it.
  • Go to your character's page and edit it.
  • Edit the page's source code, and replace the "Example.jpg" entry with the name of your file.
  • Save the page.

Article CategoriesEdit

These are equivalent to Library shelves or sections. They can be nested (for instance the category Ships has sub-categories for Cruisers, Escorts and so on).

In order to place your Article in a category, use the category bar just below the article body (available in view and edit mode) and start typing. The wiki will pop up any existing category name that matches what you type. If no match is found, it will create a new category.

Creating a sub-categoryEdit

In order to do this, go to the new sub-category's page (the page that lists all articles in that category). You can get at it by typing Category:thecategoryname in the search box, for instance. Then, just put that category page in the category of its parent, in exactly the same way as you would put an article in a category.

Linking to Memory Alpha (a shortcut)Edit

If you want to create a link to an article on Memory Alpha, just enter it in the form MemoryAlpha:Term when creating the link (e.g. this is a link to the Vulcan page on Memory Alpha). Also, see the source code of this very page to see what it looks like in code.

Getting More HelpEdit

Just contact the Librarian (currently Three) in game or via the Librarian's talk page (User_talk:Voyager316). There is also plenty of help available on how to use MediaWiki on the main Wikia site, and over at

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