Born Zolari Dyris on August 29th 2385 on the planet Trill. She spent her childhood on Trill, but left home to study on Earth at the age of 14, in order to prepare herself for a career in Starfleet. At 18 she decided to apply for a Trill joining. She was successful, but this delayed her entry into Starfleet until the age of 23. Zolari's symbiont, Darom, has long served Starfleet as a valuable diplomat and officer.

Current Assignment:Science Officer, Deep Space NineCommanding Officer (by permission of Captain Kurland):U.S.S. Resilient (NX-91204, Defiant Class)

Starfleet Degrees:*Xenobiology

  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Warp Theory
  • Medicine
  • Astrophysics

Previous Hosts:

  1. Naso (male): Marine Biologist on Trill - 2023-2059 (36) [63, fatally wounded by Trill latticed shark]
  2. Auzril (female): Bioengineer on Trill - 2059-2102 (43) [70, killed by neurodegenerative disease she was studying]
  3. Zeema (female): Genetic Researcher on Trill - 2102-2136 (61) [89, natural causes]
  4. Rinhel (male): Starfleet Warp Engineer - 2163-2195 (32) [55, radiation poisoning from flawed experimental warp core]
  5. Sanu (female): Starfleet Science Officer, Captain - 2195-2269 (74) [98, natural causes]
  6. Aunren (male): Starfleet diplomat - 2269-2346 (77) [102, natural causes]
  7. Nanuri (female): Starfleet Ambassador for Trill - 2346-2394 (48) [74, natural causes]
  8. Gurean (male): Starfleet Captain - 2394-2408 (14) [42, killed in action during engagement with Borg sphere]
  9. Zolari (female): 2408-Present

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