Ethan Croft
Full Name Ethan Oberon Croft
Gender Male
Race Ba-ae-kai
Class Science Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Fleet Captain
Fleet Position Ambassador & Fleet Liaison
Ship(s) USS Emissary
Player Savesh





BIRTHDATE: 20 January, 2380

BIRTHPLACE: New Zealand, Earth


Chief Ambassador - Alpha Centauri Institute Diplomatic Corps
ACI Fleet Liaison Officer
Commanding Officer - USS Emissary


2402 BS Biology; BS Stellar Sciences - Vulcan Science Academy, Vulcan

2408 PHD Anthropology; PHD Social Psychology - University of Vancouver, Earth

2409 Starfleet Officer Commission - Starfleet Academy Officers Training Corps


STARDATE 52704.3: Ethan Croft is a 28 year old Ba-ae-kai male with Human and Deltan ancestry who presents for evaluation of fitness for service with the Starfleet Officer Training Corps. Dr. Croft presents with euthymic mood and matching affect, often utilizing appropriate humor and allegory to lubricate conversation and strengthen social ties with this interviewer. He scores high on several measures of the NEO scale that support successful integration into Starfleet, such as extraversion, compassion, and empathy. Conversely, he scores low on anxiety and neuroticism scales, another benefit. Of one concern to this interviewer is the participant’s median scores on emphasis to duty, order, and discipline. Dr. Croft demonstrated behaviors of casual flirtation and gregariousness during our session; though these manifestations are within species norms for the Ba-ae-ki and the participant asserts the importance of the Oath of Conduct (on file) as well as the importance of taking his daily pheromone inhibitor. Based on information gathered in assessment, this individual meets criteria for candidacy into Starfleet Officer Training Corps.

Lt (j.g.) Ooderu Anu, LCSW
Clinical Interviewer
Starfleet Medical


Ethan Oberon Croft was raised on Earth by his Ba-ae-kai mother and hybrid Ba-ae-kai/human father. Named after his grandfather, he has enjoyed the benefits of both cultures, thanks to frequent visits to the “Bacchi” homeworld to see his maternal grandmother. Ethan showed an interest in the sciences early in life; stemming from his belief that he needed to know more about why his culture and behaviors were so different from the humans around him. Although very intelligent, he was a dilettante through his educational process; gathering knowledge in multiple scientific disciplines but not quite applying himself. This changed when he established a mentor relationship with a Vulcan geologist in his mother’s architectural firm. Through a lot of hard work and application, Ethan was able to earn the distinction of being the first member of his species to attend the Vulcan Science Academy.

After earning several academic laurels, Ethan decided to apply his knowledge to a career in Starfleet. Against his parent’s wishes, he completed the Starfleet Officer Training Corps and earned his commission. On his way to his first assignment as the Contact Specialist for the USS Nittany, he found the vessel on which he was a passenger, the USS Galway, dragged into a conflict with the Borg. The only remaining senior officer after the attack on the Vega colony, Ensign Croft found himself quickly promoted to the Commanding Officer of the USS Galway. Although fond of the light cruiser, now Lt. Croft sought reassignment on a more science-oriented vessel, and when he earned his next promotion to Lt. Cmdr., he advocated for reassignment. He served as the Commanding Officer of the USS Emissary, a Nebula class refit specially reconfigured for diplomatic duties, until his resignation from Starfleet.

Dr. Croft left the ACI in 2411 when the government of Satrex Prime appointed him their first representative on the Federation Council.

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