Last Name:Cabrillo
First Name:Juan
Middle Initial:
Home World:Earth/ San Jose, California
Profession:Starfleet Intelligence Officer/ Section 31 Operative/ Specialty is Xenolinguistics
Character Rank:Lieutenant
Academic History and Distinctions:Graduated 2nd in his class from Starfleet Academy
Service Record:Served on the U.S.S. Prometheus(destroyed) as a communications officer
Starship Class:
Starship Registry:U.S.S. Oregon (advanced intelligence gathering platform disguised as a research vessel)

Brief Biography:

Juan Cabrillo signed up for Starfleet Academy right out of highscool, After SF graduation Juan was assigned to the U.S.S. Prometheus and served for three years as lead communications officer. While performing a routine scanner array test the Prometheus was attacked by several Nausicaan ships. Both the first officer and second officer were killed in the initial attack. Lt. Cabrillo assumed control during the crisis,Juan managed to stave off the attackers giving the surviving crew members a chance to escape. Juan himself was captured and held prisoner on a Nausicaan base in a uncharted sector. Enduring almost 4 months of brutal interrogations and torture, Lt. Cabrillo managed to escape his cell, incapacitate numerous gaurds and send out a subspace transmission enabling Starfleet to locate his position. After following his libration Juan was drafted into the Intelligence Service, he underwent several months of training ranging from medical support,both long and short range weapons training,advanced hand to hand combat training, escape and evasion tactics as well as other skills he utilizes in the field. Since his induction into SF Intelligence Juan and his crew have thwarted countless terrorist attacks,political assassinations and the dismantling of illegal smuggling groups. Juan and his intrepid crew of the U.S.S. Oregon travel across the stars protecting the innocent from the truly evil.