Tareen Brill
Full Name Tareen Brill
Gender Female
Race Rigelian
Class Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Emissary
Player Savesh

Dr. Taneen Brill is a Rigelian physician specializing in Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease, and Obstetrics/Gynecology. Her last known status was "on sabbatical" as she returned to her homeworld to attend to duties related to her role in a ruling royal family. Her previous postins were as Chief Medical Officer for the USS Emissary; a Nebula class refit devoted to diplomatic duty. The Emissary is under the command of Ambassador Ethan Croft. She also served as the Deputy Medical Officer for the ACI Medical Department.

Brief Summary - Academic and Service History:

  • BS in Nursing - Starfleet Academy
  • MD - Starfleet Medical
  • PhD - Public Health - Starfleet Medical

Work History:

  • Nursing Rotation - Starfleet Medical. San Francisco, Earth
  • E.D. and Infectious Disease Rotations - Starfleet Medical. San Francisco, Earth
  • Surgical Rotation - Starbase Pacifica
  • Obstetrics Rotation - Starbase 17 - Denobula
  • Professor of Obstetrics - Starbase Medical
  • Disaster Relief Physician - Romulan Neutral Zone following the Hobus Supernova.
  • Medical Ambassador Attache - Deferi Council.

Brief Biography: "Medicine works best when we work to heal the mind and the spirit, as well as the body."

Dr. Brill has a regal bearing that reflects her membership in one of the royal houses on her homeworld. Despite her royal blood, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and is a dedicated physician and researcher. She is also an accomplished surgeon and instructor, serving as a professor of obstetrics at Starfleet Medical for several years.

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