Addiena Ashworth
Full Name Addiena J' Rish Ashworth
Gender Female
Race Vulcan
Class Science Officer
Rank Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Ulyssess
Player Zenosis

Current Age: 47

At 38 she gained her PhD in Dentistry then took up further study as a doctor at 43 she became a Doctor before signing up with Starfleet Academy, where she proved quite wise in the Shield systems of alot of federation ships. She developed a new technique for Science Team onboard Starship to reinitialiize the shield grids and purge systems of erroneous data.

During her time at Starfleet Academy she treated and injured Cadet that had their jaw broken by an Andorian Trainer (she has no more information about the incident).

Addiena is a Vulcan bought up on Earth by Ronald Ashworth and his family, no one knows why she was bought up on Earth but other Vulcan's see her has less than them due to none of the standard Vulcan training, by them she is treated as a human, by humans she is treated a vulcan.

Alot of Vulcan's see her as illogical and emotional and will not allow her the right to enter the Vulcan Science Academy.

So she is treated as a child of two races though she is pureblood Vulcan.

Unusual for a Vulcan she has grown her hair long.

Stardate 87895.05

Addiena J'rish Ashworth was put in Command of U.S.S. Ulyssess (NX-93103-D) Nimbus Class Vessel (Atmospheric Analysis Vessel with 4 Primary Sick bays and 1 Secondary Sick bay (secondary smaller than others due to extra Phaser Array Capacitors) although she is only a Lt Commander. In command due to the scientific nature of the ship, and no Captain with suitable credentials was available.

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